I will be eighty years old not this coming summer, but the next. That gives me enough time to go through my studio shelves and storage to pick and choose representative work that reaches back to 1980, my first solo exhibition in Monroe, WI. The Commonwealth Gallery in Madison, WI, is a huge space with high ceilings and tall walls. I’m not going to feel crowded there. I will keep you posted about dates and times.

Oh, I’m reading this post I started last winter – before Cov 19 hit. I’m wondering if a gallery retrospective is even possible by then. No way can I know. What I can do is speak to what we are going through now. I have a series started that I call “Social Distancing.” Only some of the paintings I’m working on now have to do with that. I’m letting them come to mind as they do.

c virginia.huber “No-Sew Mask” – watercolor – 8″ x 11″ – 2020.