I’m going through everything I’ve done over the years, organizing and choosing, labeling and framing. My plan has been to have a retrospective at the very large space at Commonwealth Gallery in 2021. I will be eighty years old and it’s time! Well, it’s time for the retrospective but I can’t enter that enclosed space even long enough to hang an exhibition. So I am gathering what I can for an internet retrospective. Not entirely thought out yet, but this is the plan.
No need for my parents to keep my little kid artwork; I stored representative pieces in boxes. I carried them off to my college dorm when I left home and into marriage and then shipped them here to Wisconsin in 1964. The oldest that I have is a drawing of a person who is crying so long and so hard that the tears extend below the lower edge of the paper. I see that little drawing as my springboard into as honestly depicted a life as I have been able.
I’ve said many times that a studio artist’s personal times become the energy of professional expression. Hmm, I don’t think I’ve used those words. I’ll find my exact words and add them in.

Here they are: “In the art world, we become accustomed to blurred lines between what is personal and what is professional. We make objects from the energy of our deepest feelings and then share them with human beings we may never see. Objects that were created with a playful attitude take their places in professional settings and public art collections.”